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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

12 Harley Davidson

I believe no one will not know the name of "Harley Davidson". It is a super bike maker from US.

Is That a ghost rider?
However,this bike is awarded by "America chopper" and it costed RM300K and above! let me show you....

I'm proud-ed of my friend, because he is the part of the design on this bike!

Does this bike cool for you?


  1. Their bike all very geng and of course - $$$$$$ :P

  2. there's a Harley Davison shop at klcc.
    last time i saw the 2 most expensive ones SOLD.
    damn rich ppl bought those babies home~

  3. this design is special design for the event....Haley davisdon is amazing! but you must big enough size to ride it...if not will look weird! haha

  4. coool... i din realise the price till u mention it~

  5. nice man! But seriously I dun like chopper bikes... I prefer more to superbikes! :D

  6. glad be here, such a big bike too.