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Friday, February 11, 2011


In this post, I’ve collected 10 of the very best and most extravagant tutorials for working with type. After working through a few of the most appealing looking ones to you, you should have more than a few ideas for creating your own, unique effects!

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1. cool-looking, Splashing Ocean Text Effect with Lightning Background in Photoshop.Tutorial

2. create an elegant text effect.Tutorial

3. make a regular text look like it has been painted or printed on wood using different text effects. This is a great way to give your text that natural look. This can be applied to any solid shape, text, images, logos, etc.

4. created using different techniques to create a soft background with glowing jellyfish.Tutorial

5. create a killer 3D Poster Design with 3DS Max & Photoshop.Tutorial

6. create a good 3D type explosion with Adobe Illustrator, Cinema 4D and Adobe Photoshop using basic tools to make this artwork.Tutorial

7. learn how to create a candy cane like text effect with the help of some simple Photoshop techniques.

8. you will go over various techniques you may haven’t seen before, as well as a bulk of techniques that may be new to you. After you have completed this intense walk though, you will be able to explore even more new ways of creating typefaces as well as other types of ideas.Tutorial

9. we are going to create the mosaic background and a cool radioactive looking text, combine this two elements and you will get an amazing desktop wallpaper.Tutorial

10. A great tutorial on creating Aurora Borealis typopgraphy wallpaper.Tutorial

I have posted up all the tutorial links. ENJOY =)
Before proceed the 5,6 and 8 tutorial, you need to have 3DS MAX installed. All the best to you!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

4 Photoshop CS5 Extended

Photoshop CS5 Extended version is available for download now!
85MB (Installer)
Virus free! Enjoy



5 Lose your weight in 30min!

This tutorial you will learn to trim you body weight within the few steps by using the LIQUIFY tool in PHOTOSHOP. The Liquify filter may be one of the most commonly used filters in Photoshop’s arsenal. The Liquify filter allows us to distort the pixels in a given image without losing quality. Some designers are a bit intimidated by the Liquify filter, others may use in improperly. Today, we will explain the features of this very powerful filter in detail so you can use it in your work.

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Start off with the image that you are going to be working on to trim off a few grams or pounds’.

Drag the background layer to the new layer icon to duplicate the layer so you have some pixels that you can ‘work on’ safely.

Now go to Filter: Liquify.

Use the zoom tool if necessary to zoom in to the area that you are going to work on.

Now grab the Freeze Mask tool and go ahead and paint to freeze the areas that are around the area that you are going to work on. Freezing anything (in red) will not allow those pixels to be liquefied. This is a great tool so you can get more accurate and precision weight-loss areas.

Here I’m not focusing on this neck first but rather covering up and freezing the entire areas surrounding the small edge of each face/chinside as shown. This will allow me to only work on these specific areas.

Now grab the Shift Pixels tool. Use the bracket keys to get just the right brush size, making sure it’s not bigger than the area that you have already freezemasked.

Now with your Shift Pixels tool you’re going to carefully nudge/nip the edge of the face in. This is digital surgery at it’s fastest.

Now repeat the same process for the other side, carefully clicking and dragging it slightly in.


Pardon my editing, enjoy ;-)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

2 Hotfile premium account sold here

You can buy HOTFILE premium account from me now. don't hesitate and drop me a mesg

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5 "Red Packet from NUFFNANG" in year 2011

Happy Rabbit year! May this the rabbit bring you more luck, prosperity, good health and wealthy!

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Nuffnang keep their promises and i had received their first cheque during chinese new year,this may considered my biggest angpow among all.

You all must be curious what is the figure i had earned from Nuffnang so far right? but i can tell it is more than RM50 ~LOL

By the way, from this time i will update my blog frequently and recent i have some prepared PS tutorials, hope you guys stay up with all the upcoming tutorials on this blog. Happy 2011 and Happy chinese new year.

Monday, December 27, 2010

6 Merry Christmas and Happy 2011

Kenzo was here to wish all my readers have a happy 2011 and SMILE with me all the time~ love you all!

I had realized my previous post is on 5th Oct! feel guilty of never update any new contents to my readers and to this blog! Anyway! was here to wish all the reader and myself a happy 2011! i will try my very best to update as many as i can!! ALL THE BEST!

OooLALA!! Can you see my updates? Speechless.....

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

3 Penny Auction

"Penny Auction"? It ignited my curiosity!

Actually it 's nothing special about the site but the auction price is really attracted your attention!
First of all, Every auction start from price RM0.01, and every bid rise RM0.01.

the hottest Iphone4 in town only cost RM62.25! Everyone is effortable to pay for it! but what actually the story behind the auction?

1. Is it scam? Honestly, no 100% secure while dealing on the web!

2. The hoster earned alot? I do agree with this.....

=> every bid the cheapest is RM1.35 and the highest is RM3. Iphone4 cost RM62.25=6225XRM1.35=RM8403.75+(62.25) if hoster sold 10 items? $_$y

3. Penny Auction definitely is a gambling, don't bid it for fun unless you're going to grab the items!(if i am rich i will grab it directly from the shop) =P