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Thursday, February 25, 2010

3 Cover story: Make money with ChurpChurp?

Have you ever heard of ChurpChurp? Well, if you fall in love with Twitter, then you should get in touch with ChurpChurp

ChurpChurp is a way to make money online. The only requirement is you need to have a Twitter account.

Here are some FAQs about making money with ChurpChurp.

Q : What is ChurpChurp?
A : ChurpChurp is an advertising medium (like Nuffnang) which operates on Twitter. You’ll get paid for each campaign you tweet… best!

Q : Is ChurpChurp a scam?
A : Nope. ChurpChurp is managed by the same company with Nuffnang. So, it’s absolutely legal.

Q : How to join ChurpChurp?
A : You must have a Twitter account before can sign up with ChurpChurp. It’s easy to sign-up with ChurpChurp. Click here to go to ChurpChurp and sign up.

Q : I’ve already signed-up with ChurpChurp. So, what’s next?
A : You need to wait until ChurpChurp assign a suitable campaign for you. It could takes some times, so just be patience.

Q : Hey, I got an email assignment. What should I do?
A : Just follow the instructions in email. It’s easy really!

Q : Where should I tweet the ad campaign? In my Twitter account?
A : Nope.. not in your Twitter account. You must log-in to ChurpChurp and tweet in the space provided in your ChurpChurp.

Q : How the earnings is calculated?
A : ChurpChurp earning is based on the number of your Twitter followers. The higher the number, the more you earn for a campaign.

Q : I have posted an campaign assigned, but my earning is not updated?
A : Be patience! Earning will be updated 1 day after your tweet post is approved and published.

Q : Why I only just a few cents for my ChurpChurp income?
A : ChurpChurp income depends on number of your Twitter followers. The higher number of follower, the more income you’ll get.

Q : What’s the difference between Auto-generated Tweets and User-generated Tweets in ChurpChurp.
A : Auto-generated Tweets are available tweets automatically assigned to you. If you do not approve or reject the tweet by the publish date, it will automatically be published. User-generated Tweets is a list of available tweets for you to write. You will need to submit your tweet within ChurpChurp.

Auto-generated Tweets are assigned to ChurpChurp members with low number of Twitter followers. While User-generated Tweets are assigned only to those who has many Twitter followers.

Bonus Tips.

So, how to increase your Twitter followers?

Well, MomBloggersPlanet is just 9 months old. In the first 2 months… the Twitter followers was only 45 people. How did I managed to increase the follower counts to 2,461 within 7 months? Two thousands may not be many, but I considered it a good achievement for MBP.


Ha ah.. can I keep that as a secret? By the way, it’s not really a big secret, but I think I will only share it in a special entry if there is enough request for it. Let me know by leaving a comment here.

Til’ then, let’s ChurpChurp!!