Kiss it...

Monday, March 1, 2010

3 Time to relax^^

after practicing on the previous tutorial, do you guys feel hungry?haha However, i don't want to stubborn my readers here.=P so is a break time for all my readers!^^

this is my friend Sean chef! what he going to cook for me today? (huh? for you only?) =_="
so sorry about that, but as long as you can enjoy looking my eating expression =P uarkkk...

OK, today menu is Japanese Ramen!

let look the photos!

It's look very special right? cause it 's home made so it look different from the outside.huhu! itadakimas! i gotta eat now....catch up with you guys later. (Kenzo is so bad just only display for us) =P


  1. wow... thanks kenzo zai!!!!! 谢谢你!!!!特里马卡谢!!! 阿里咖斗!!!


  2. aiyoyoyo! still got lot de....i wan slowly post out^^

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