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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

11 Happy Birthday to Sean and ME

Thank you to "Sean",cause i'm having such a great meal with him@jogoya last week! Although my birthday is not in April but March, but i really enjoy such a big meal with him! So i wrote out the chocolate birthday card on the plate to him and myself too!


  1. wow! this is cool! who did this actually leh???

  2. i did it...haha...too free d...hahaha
    S&K...sean and Kenzo!

  3. ohh..hahaha ... thanks kenzo... i also have such a great meal with you too...(in deep) ... thanks for the birthday "PLATE" (aiyar forgot to take it back from jogoya) hahahaha ... hope we can have our another great soon!!!!! in frank, i like the decoration on the plate.....

  4. thx u Sean!!! haha...a memorable birthday with u!!!

  5. Errrr... Happy Belated Birthday !! =P

    Haha... ^_^

  6. oh no!! happy belated birthday to you~
    nice cakes, i'm hungry haha :P