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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

11 Tutorial: Blog to PDF

I love! I Love blog walking and go through all the entries one by one! I can gain my knowledge from other blogger and make friends! But sometime i really loves the entries wrote by other blogger! it's informative and useful to me! so i decided to look out for this special features for all blogger here!

From the title, you all should know what I'm going to introduce here~


Click on this button for a quick demonstration

This is a free HTML to PDF conversion service for your website. Allows your readers to instantly print and save any article as PDF file.

Web2PDF -HTML  to PDF coverter for your blog


  1. thx u!!this is a useful tools! haha

  2. I dun think anyone would like to save my entry haha

  3. Agree with kelvin, no one would want to save my post. No sexy lady nor handsome guy pic in my blog. May those blogs with literature value or researches, should have that pdf tool. Interesting tool, bcause never know can print pdf on a blog before.

  4. Kelvin!!! mayb is leng lui wan to save your entries who knows! =P

  5. sorry超级无聊的大小姐...=(

  6. hope u like it akuvision! Enjoy!

  7. this is very nice man. I usually use external pdf creator but sometimes it cannot save the whole page as pdf. thanks again.