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Friday, May 14, 2010

3 Tutorial: A recovery

As a lost of cause significant loss of wrong. It is my unlucky day....So i want this experience into a lesson and will named it as "Recovery".
When all your data and your favorite pictures disappear in the moment is very painful. so i would like to make a tutorial based on my true experience. Hope it helps the needy.
This will occur in each of us,is that when you remove your data and pictures accidentally from your hard drive. so here we go and recover all the information step by step. =)

Do you guys see the small little icon shown in the left corner on the top there? This is the one of my favorite recovery software.Before i am going to enter the tutorial, i will briefly explain some recovery software which included freeware and shareware (Purchase).

For freeware you can get it easily get it from is a famous and biggest download site, it will redirect to the specify mirrors and start downloading. So that it can be more concentrated, the user can easily found the software they want.
from the picture shown in the bottom here, you can see a red triangle box out there. It lets you choose the license type you want.

#i am not suggesting freeware (but it is no harm for you to try it out) just it is wasting lot of time without getting a good result that you expect in the very begin.

In my bad day, i had tried out 2 shareware and some of the freeware. I will put aside the freeware and start explaining these 2 softwares.



You can choose either one to recovery back your hard drive.For features, i would said O&O is much more powerful than Easeus and it cost higher than Easeus as well.

What i like about Easeus is because it is easy to use.
Okay! first of all, this is what i need you to do before you start your recovery.

1. You need a large partition or external hard drive (It will be large amount of size after recovering)
2. After recovering, DO NOT save the files to the recovery partition or hard drive.
3. Before you going to recover your current hard drive, DO NOT modify any sectors of it ( example copy files on it)
the first look of the EASEUS data recovery wizard

A simple and user friendly interface for EASEUS, there are 3 options.
1. Deleted file recovery
2. Completely Recovery
3. Partition Recovery

In here we will select the second option which is Completely Recovery.

Select a partition/ hard drive you want to recover, so i will select my D to recover.

Can you see the " Remaining Time"? This will depends on your hard drive size, and mine is 120G. it needs 2:21 to fully recover the whole hard drive. ( Hard drive recovery is a time consuming progress) make sure you do when you are ready for it.

Now i can sit down and have my drink and baoz...hahah =)

Finally! DONE!
You can select the all the files you want to recover back.
GOD BLESS, i had recovered all my data back like old without any corrupted files in it. Hope you get this result too!! ALL THE BEST! =)

# For those who want the software please let me know. Have a nice day =)