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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

3 Penny Auction

"Penny Auction"? It ignited my curiosity!

Actually it 's nothing special about the site but the auction price is really attracted your attention!
First of all, Every auction start from price RM0.01, and every bid rise RM0.01.

the hottest Iphone4 in town only cost RM62.25! Everyone is effortable to pay for it! but what actually the story behind the auction?

1. Is it scam? Honestly, no 100% secure while dealing on the web!

2. The hoster earned alot? I do agree with this.....

=> every bid the cheapest is RM1.35 and the highest is RM3. Iphone4 cost RM62.25=6225XRM1.35=RM8403.75+(62.25) if hoster sold 10 items? $_$y

3. Penny Auction definitely is a gambling, don't bid it for fun unless you're going to grab the items!(if i am rich i will grab it directly from the shop) =P


  1. wanna get iphone5 :) hohoho will wait till i am back home by end of 2011