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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

32 TM streamyx Insurance SCAM?

I had received a private number today,claimed to call from tmnet.
He is a malay guy. Very polite, very formal and the sound look so real. So i just listen it patiently.

Someone: Hello, i'm from Tmnet and thx you for subscribing our services with tmnet!
Kenzo: So anything looking for me? (i'm thinking is it any outstanding bill?)
Someone: We are from Tmnet and we would like to offering a Tmnet insurance to you.
Kenzo: Insurance? (but the guy speaking very fast and i never give any chances for me to ask)
someone: Are single or married?
Kenzo: single.
someone: good, now we offering 2 pakages that is package RM25 and Rm35 so which one you preferred?
Kenzo: Rm25

Someone: So do u using any credit card/debit card?
Kenzo: Yes! i do...
Someone: Ok! what is you card?
Kenzo: it's a Maybank card.
Someone: Here it is, we are now giving you free 6 months of protection against accident and etc which you can claim up to RM300,000. If anything happen to you and being admitted to the hospital, we will pay you up to RM300/day up to 120 days your duration of staying in the hospital. And we do not have panel clinic which mean you can seek treatment from government or private or even specialist.
Kenzo: (the sound so real) so i listen him patiently.

someone: Ok! This is your personal detail....are you Kenzo (My name).
Kenzo: Yes!
Someone: Is this your IC number?
Kenzo: Yes!
someone: What is your card number? He had talked the front 8 numbers!
Kenzo: That time i felt little bit blur and just giving out him the another 8 numbers! (IDIOT)
someone: OK! what is the expired number?
Kenzo: xx/xx

someone: If u have any problem please call 1800 8888 11 and my name is XXX
Kenzo: i just copy down it.
someone: ( he tend to be very friendly to me and speaking some Cantonese to me too)

Kenzo: i need to pay for it? Is this conversation just only an information?
Someone: He never answer me just talking about the privacy document and will send to me)
Kenzo: i keep on asking if i don't want to sign up for any insurance may i?
someone: (He never answer again and just speking the same thing again!)
Kenzo: I'm not clear please answer my question please...
someone: (he keep on speaking the same things again!)
Kenzo: ( i don't bother him anymore)
someone: Thank you!

After the conversation was ended, i know it is a BIG PROBLEM for me since i had given the card number to him! what i do is just cancel my card ! ( see how u gonna charge me)!

My question:
1. Is this real? i don't think so
2. What can we do to protect ourselves? How? Should be report to police?
3. Why do the person from insurance company knows all my Streamyx registration details? Is it being leaked out by tmnet?
4. What will happen cause i had given out my 16 digits. The 3 numbers ccv2 can be cracked?
5. i'm NEARLY SCAM! ( a good experienced)


  1. i wud cry if it ever hapen to me.. haha

  2. don't cry! beware! seems like the details was leaked out! if any problem just terminate the card only they can't do anything.

  3. oohh.. be careful !!! i think you better terminate the card services b4 anything happed to you!!!

  4. yalo! i already terminate the my debit was unable use now. gotta register a new one again!haha

  5. kenzo ar..kenzo.. why you reveal ur card number..

    now u r making yourself into trouble of making a new card..

    well, first and foremost, i worked with 3rd party calling agent offering insurance before..

    Insurance offered thru phone is usually Personal Accident plan..

    plan is cheap but there are many complicating issues when you try to claim..

    so, my advice to you and other readers are look for an insurance agent rather than purchasing via phone.. though phone purchasing is legal BECAUSE YOUR PHONE CALL HAD BEEN RECORDED.

    next thing is it is OK for you to reveal your card number BUT NO NO to reveal the last 4 digits and expiry dates..

    these 2 numbers are invisible by the callers though they may have ur credit card number..
    yea.. selling info to third party do occur and even worse.. ur name will be recycled for upcoming plan/offers etc..

    every insurance policy has 15 days cooling off period. though they send u a policy, you may cancel it later but the trouble is to make formal letter and perhaps need to go to their own HQ office to claim the cheque..

    usually, once you end the conversation, they will say you already being protected becoz once you say yes, money will be credited form your account.

    they usually provide you the phone number.. That is the free toll line which you never get into it during emergency. Haha.. It is good practice to ask the caller OFFICE number when you made any purchase and WHICH COMPANY they represented. Trust me, they are neither the TMNET nor the insurance company. They are the third party.

    As such, if you able to get their office number, experienced ppl will trick them back by saying yes and called back later to scold the caller. Is the phone line a general visible number or just 000 or unidentified number? If it is a general number, then its good.

    What you can do is called the number back. Tell the operator your problem and start scolding the caller for forcing you to purchase without asking your permissions.

    As such, the operator would not know who is the one who called you. They will pass your complaint to the campaign leader and then track your information in their long list database. After that, campaign leader will then start scold their operator for not making things clear. They may also check back the recording if there is ppl complaining the operating is talking vulgar words and so on.

    as a conclusion, if u are angry and want to do something with a general number in ur hp, you can start enjoy scolding ppl over the phone. Don't scold the one who receive ur call because he/she is not the one calling you.

    Next, if u cancel ur card, they may not be able to charge you. BUT double check whether you have any outstanding balance or not.

    Third, when you apply a new card, untick the column where they ask you do you want to receive any offers from the bank and so on.

    Fourth, never ever reveal ur card last 4 digits and expiry date unless you are sure of the purchase.

    Finally, I make a hypothesis that you make your payment via credit card for your TMNET Bill. TMNET cooperate with an insurance company and pass your detail to the third party.

    It is very unusual for TMNET to reveal your credit card number. Normally, only banks are authorised to do so.

    Thats all, hope it helps~

  6. gosh this is scary! lol careful next time! :D

  7. whoa.. must becareful.. don't reveal the last digit a..

  8. SCAM is everywhere now...jus be more alert le...sigh!

  9. erm i think is quite safe, coz my mum received the call too xp

  10. err i think better check with TM better. but the cvv is not that easy to be cracked i presumed.. But next time, ask them where did they get your info and don't give your Credit card number if possible thoug

  11. kenzo kenzo kenzo...
    always remember NEVER give your card numbers through phone

  12. I read on this guys blog who got that call like u did, and he gave his debit card number.. the insurance company cut money from his bank account.. and he got the call about 3 more times after that, asking him to enter into the same insurance again!.. so obviously it's a scam.. be careful okay?.. (^^,)

  13. it did happened to me last year.

    to answer your question. no, it is not scam. even u bring this to court, they will said that u consciously agreed to join the insurance becoz u gave them all the detail of yourself. it is like u agreed to them using non verbal action.

    they really said that it is free but unfortunately, they will deduct your money from your maybank account(im not sure how they did this, but since u gave them your maybank card number, maybe they deal with the bank using that).

    by the way, what u can do right now is call the HQ of the insurace company. refer back to your policy number(they should email to u by now your policy statement) and tell them dat u want to stop the insurance. if u are not calling them, then they will automatically take your money from your account.

    during my experience, even after i stop the insurance. 1 month later, they take my money from my account even more and they said that the latest 1 is for my parent policy insurance. so, just call them and make sure u really stop all the policy insurance with them. good luck~

  14. Goodness~ wat kind of experience u got out there >< tho stupid enough to giv out the details but really smart of u to have the instant thought to cancel the card right after that ><

  15. i am one of the telemarketer. ok. i think the telemarketer did the wrong way actually, he shouldn't push you like that. free policy didn't involve any detail actually, free one we usually send to e-mail, the info we need just e-mail address. the paid policy baru tanya details since customer setuju untuk enroll.

    i had experience with 1 customer(very professional one and polite). he didn't believe me and he said that this program is a scam. i said, "OK sir, i'll give you time to call Chartis customer service, call TM, ask them, is Chartis(AIG) is part of their partnership?, call your bank(is this legal?)". Tomorrow i call him back, he agree to enroll then. See?

    This is not a scam, but the person u spoke to, don't have integrity in doing their job. They're running for sales only. Greed shit.

  16. oh 1 more thing, we're not third party. we work in TM building, we represent Chartis and we also had dinner with Rob Ryan(Malaysia Chartis CEO).

  17. about the card number, if we want, we can collect any receipt at hypermarket punya tong sampah. 16 digit we can do nothing, that is membership number. things u can't reveal is digit at the back of the card, beside the signature.

  18. it did happened to me today. But i never give any my info except my e-mail. What can be happen?


    1. same like i do now....cancel my bank account for safe

  20. i also give my card no n my debit xpired date today but its for my mum doesnt have maybank card so they told my mum to give my fon no n called me after dat.before dat my mum jz told me about the insurance from tm net n answer the call from a private no n then when they call me,i just listen like bro kenzo n also give my card no n the xpired date.i have no idea now but i'll asked my mother 2 double confirm with tm net nearly branches tomorrow.

  21. seriously its real i also received the same thing after read this article i strait away cancel my card..thanks again for the informations

  22. just now i recived the call.....sure i cancel my bank acc for safe

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