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Thursday, April 22, 2010

9 Tutorial: Make a poll to your post!

Morning guys! Happy Thursday to you all ^_^y

This is what i'm going to make a tutorial for LoLLy Ok! let's begin my tutorial here!
  • This what the poll looks like in my blog!
  • This is not a complicate tutorial, there are only few steps! =)
  • This feature only available for those using Blogger as there domain only.

Step 1

longin and go to Dashboard>Layout>Add a Gadget

Step 2

Select the "Poll" now and start creating your own poll first.Make sure you remember the title u had created on your blog like example "What do you like".
After creating your poll and click "Save" to save it on your main page of your blog.

Step 3

So now you can see the poll on you blog right! don't bother it first!

For firefox u can press Ctrl-U or go to view>page source
For Internet Explorer view>source
At here you can see a box showed up!

Step 4

After you see the box, you go to Edit>Find look for the title you named on your poll example " what do you like"

copy the highlighted words,
after copying the words, you can close the box now.

Step 5

go to dashboard>Edit HTML and paste the code on it.
finally you have done!! Enjoy! =)


  1. thanks...gud totu u have here

  2. Haha !! Kenzo, you really are so efficient. Thanks alot ler. Haha, everyone seems post up the blog post just because of me. *Touching* Haha =)

  3.'re welcome!! hope you like my tuto =)

  4. cool.. but i rarely use poll on my blog.. nevertheless, nice tip =)

  5. bout the nuffnang poll.. u made it urself right? (;

  6. i can't have poll on my site..
    how to make one for my wordpress? T_T

  7. How bout a tutorial on earning over 1k from nuffnang? *wink*