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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

7 Cover Story: ChurpChurp Part2

I had mentioned about the Churpchurp part one in my previous entries. In part one it just a simple briefing and some Q&A about Churpchurp.If you still don't know about ChurpChurp you can refer back my part one.

Okay guys, what i'm going to talk about in part two? actually not much....i want to share some basic experiences and for those with twitter but yet register with ChurpChurp! so this is the right time and chance to start enjoy this program. Register

At the very begin i'm not really familiar with how ChurpChurp works and not really trusted on it. i had forgotten which day the Nuffnang was introduce ChurpChurp on their site! Since that day i had changed my point of views toward ChurpChurp and start to enjoy the benefit of ChurpChurp right now.

Once you had registered and you will see this pending tweets interface on you dashboard

"Once a advertisement assigned to you, you will see it on your pending tweets. as well as your mailbox.

From now you can start generate you own tweet and submit it to ChurpChurp for approval. Once approved, your tweet will be published to your twitter. Simple and easy right!"

so this is my earning so far..

BUT RM100 to get paid...but it's a good starting! GO GO GO!