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Saturday, July 3, 2010

15 MAKE UP is powerful than photoshop!?

Recent i just linked a video clip from facebook and i realized it's meaningful and it also relate to photoshop too.Well, I'm a boy doesn't know about makeup and cosmetics...I just love to watch a girl makeup. WHY? am i abnormal?! NOPE!

Makeup just like photoshop , it will goes to every layer and step to reach the final result.Different make up will get in different result. I just feel it's amazing and awesome! Let me analyze what i am unable to do it in photoshop BUT makeup DO!

let watch this before continue...

In Fact, Photoshop is a powerful edit tools. Many people think it is omnipotent but it also has weaknesses. There are few points here:

photoshop able to edit easily in:
1. remove the acne, wrinkles, spots and etc....
2. Turn to fair skin and look layered.
3. Brightness, contrast and saturation adjustment
4. Face adjustment example chin, nose and etc....


1. The most important part of the Makeup is the eyes LIKE drawing eyes line,eyelashes and etc
BUT i have no ideas to do it by using photoshop after i had watched the video clip!

The only 1 weakness and also the important weakness. Maybe it able to do it by photoshop and maybe not? Anyway! HONOR goes to makeup! =)


  1. omg... power of makeup...
    but u need lots of photoshopping skill...
    to make them look EVEN BETTER =D

  2. Yeah! strongly agree with you but that is what i worried is photoshop can't even go further than that! haha

  3. yeah! Geng! that's why i named it "POWERFUL" than PS! =P

  4. wow! this is GREAT! hehehee.but, using photoshop also can "make-up" the eyes, using lens fakes brushes! heheee

  5. i use photoshop to fix blemishes all the time... and it's easy to make someone slimmer too. try out CS5... the tools are much more powerful, haha

  6. yeah make up is deceiving! =)

  7. An interesting post, Kenzo. Hence the saying : There are no ugly women, only lazy women. ^^

  8. By the way, if you don't mind, I want to do a blog post using the video that you used above, okay? ^^

  9. CS5 is in the market now...but my skill haven't up to that level yet...OMG! Kok Sen Wei, you're my sifu soon!

  10. I also want learn make up. LOL

  11. you can! the course ard 3k-5k if not mistaken!

  12. Hi Kenzo ^^ I'm your follower now ^^ Feel free to follow back my blog ^^

    Hey I wish to learn those photoshop technique too ! Pls post a tutorial after you figured out how to do that ok ? lol...

    And what more can I say ? Fake lashes saved a lots of girls !!! lol.. XD

  13. so, tis is y gals are late usually.. XD