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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

6 contain TROJAN

I was found something interesting as title, recently i feel free to get myself to shop around online and looking something new ( i have no time to shop) this is the only way for me to shop, what a pitiful. Anyway, i am looking a NIKE sport wear, this will going to replace my old/spoiled sport shoe! today is a right time to shop around and look around the NIKE stores online!

WHAT? once i accessing the page! this is what i found from! fed up~

the Anti virus was blocked the access and also displaying a message to inform the trojan is trying to attack my computer! i think NIKE should take note of this >_<

THANKS to my anti virus done a great job!


  1. Ohh dangerous..visit mine if free k ;D

  2. walao seriously... hope the nike ppl read ur blog. If not ppl will be switching to other brands haha.

  3. wohoo!! better be careful with this! o.0

    btw, kenzo, i've moved to new url.

  4. Yea I get that sometimes when I visited to some brands' websites. I think may be some of the pictures in their site contains virus ?
    But anyway sometimes I just enter without bothering it ! lol...

  5. i thought the webmasters should know it asap what.. =)