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Monday, September 13, 2010

5 The things “MUST" know about Streamyx

Streamyx is the main fixed-line ISP (Internet service provider) in Malaysia.
What problem with our Streamyx ADSL services?

Question 1: Do you understand what the difference between Megabyte (MB) and Megabit (Mb)?

Generally, most of the PC user do not aware the difference between MB and Mb. They are look-a-like for most of the PC user. Therefore when you browse through streamyx website, promotion brochure or even application form, RM88 package download spend is 1 Mb, commonly subscriber first impression is Mb is the definition for Megabyte. Although under the term and condition section, the Mb is clearly Defined as Megabit, but how many PC user or subscriber understand how is work, what did it try to tell and “what is the actual transfer rate of 1 Mb”. Subscriber always think that they can download file at the speed of one Megabyte per second.

Technically, Mb is short for Megabit and is 1,000,000 bits. Mb commonly usually expresses the rate at which data is transferred, for example, “10/100 Mbps” represent 10 or 100 Megabits per second, the common speed of a standard network card. MB is short for Megabyte. A MB is a common measurement used with computer storage media. A Megabyte is equal to 1,048,576 bytes or 1,048 kilobytes.

So what is the relation between MB and Mb? Put it simple, 1 Megabyte equivalent to 1,000,000 bits which is equal to 125,000 bytes or 125 kilobytes.

When you subscribe for Steamyx ADSL services, 1 Mb is not Megabyte but Megabit, therefore you maximum download spend is 125 kilobytes per second. My question is did you aware of this? Have you been informed during sign up?

I don’t know about you, but I was not informed during application. Confusion tactic had been used due to our lack of PC knowledge, low awareness and most important our ignorant.

Question 2: Is Streamyx Throttling Internet Connection?
I had found a cool online tool, this is a Google's new online tools that will diagnose your network connection. Here's a quick walk-through on how to make the best of them.Google's broadband test tools are located at On that page, you'll see an first icon that says "Users: Test Your Internet Connection". Click that, and then you'll be taken to a page where there are three tests available.

This is the my first torrent test result, you can locate any other diagnoses you want from the

Question 3:Bad ISP?

Bad ISPs

"The following is a list of internet service provider (ISPs) that are known to cause trouble for bit torrent clients or other P2P clients and the reason why. If you are using one of the following ISPs, please consider finding a new, better one. If your ISP is not on the list and you have reason to believe they are shaping traffic"

source Wiki.Vuze

Question 4: Ranking?